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Track every customer touchpoint

SingleView offers greater insight into how your digital advertising campaigns are performing, enabling you to optimise activity and eliminate wasted spend. While you can do this across a variety of individual reporting platforms, our multi-touch reporting aggregates it into one easy-to-use platform for a single source of truth.


Multi-touch attribution

SingleView provides a complete understanding of what is working and connects the dots of all marketing efforts, from the very macro level of a business - removing departmental silos and establishing a common view across channels - down to the micro levels that involve scrutinising the success of individual campaigns and keywords. This empowers you to make strategic decisions around marketing investment.

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Cross channel reporting
Affiliate performance
Attribution performance report
Funnel reporting
Journey paths

Cross channel reporting

See clearly how individual channels influence your customers and identify the strengths of each with information on funnel impact. Overlay these insights with first-party data to discover the true source of your customers and revenue. Aggregate data on a channel level, or deep dive into individual campaigns and keywords.

Deep dive into cross channel reporting
Tabluar data

Tailored insights

SingleView provides you with a deeper and wider contextual analysis of your marketing activities across multiple channels, giving you insight into which channels work best for you. Our clients receive best practice guidance and our open and transparent approach ensures you fully understand your data and how the algorithm delivers recommendations.

Integration partners

Our out-of-the-box integrations help to seamlessly incorporate your digital marketing activity into our platform

Google Ads
Microsoft Advertising

Google Ads

SingleView's Google Ads integration allows you to see beyond metrics like clicks and CTR, giving insight into which campaigns, ad sets and keywords are driving sales. You can easily track total spend across your account and drill down into campaign performance data.

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Know exactly how your activity is driving value with SingleView

Gain clarity on how effective your marketing activity really is with our flexible packages. Our team of attribution experts can support you every step of the way, making recommendations and providing wider insights into your data.


£400 p/m

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Customer support access, platform training and integration costs included



£1000 p/m

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Monthly insights from SingleView, customer support access and two training sessions


£3000 p/m

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Bi-weekly insights from SingleView customer support access, managed rule setup and three training sessions


£5000 p/m

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Weekly insights from SingleView, customer support access, managed rule setup and four training sessions

Track, measure and reward the actual effect of your partners and digital campaigns

Look beyond last-click measurement and empower your team with actionable insights via an easy-to-use platform. Discover why SingleView is the leading multi-touch attribution solution.

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