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SingleView: Giving you clarity

Data is at the very heart of everything we do, and this is reflected in our team's skillset. From business intelligence analysts to mutli-channel campaign managers, we are expertly positioned to understand the challenges faced by today’s online retailers.

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About SingleView

How did SingleView come to be?

SingleView was created to better understand marketing effectiveness. The standard metric used across digital marketing, last-touch attribution, worked well for single device journeys, but we know customer journeys are infinitely more complex. Because of this, last touch does not provide an accurate understanding of where the true value lies, preventing you from making the most of your marketing spend. SingleView was created to enable better marketing decisions to be made, informed by data. Today, we are proud to say SingleView is a leading multi-touch attribution solution that helps brands better invest their digital marketing spend. Following a successful strategic partnership, in 2021 SingleView was acquired by leading global affiliate marketing platform Awin.

Founded in 2019

to provide an agnostic view of the effectiveness of clients’ media channels

Helping 40+ advertisers

optimise their digital spend and campaign activity

Acquired by Awin

in 2021 to provide attribution reporting solutions to their advertisers

Expanded globally

in 2022 to new territories for continued deeper insights into customer behaviour

Key stats

SingleView in numbers

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1.9bn page lands tracked
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47.5m sales analysed
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31+ currencies tracked
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27 team members

Our values

When you break it down, its all about people


In marketing, trust is everything. When analysing data that impacts decisions, we pride ourselves on the integrity of our data and our work. Being reliable and honest is at the very heart of how we operate. We say what we do, and we do what we say.


We believe that obtaining a deep understanding of our clients' goals, paired with our wider industry knowledge, brings out the best in everyone. Asking the right questions and being inquisitive establishes a better bond and helps us discover new ways to deliver outstanding results.


We are inspired by our customers. We seek to be courageous and brave, to grow and to innovate. We take initiatives, ask tough questions and push boundaries to achieve the most impact-driven outcomes.

Say hello to the team

Senior Leadership
Mark Kuhillow


Having largely worked for agencies, Mark started his career planning traditional media campaigns before moving online in the late 90s. Passionate about digital channels and how brands can effectively use them, Mark went on to create client service platforms which provide customers with digital analytics and performance insights, allowing customers to see their true ROI. Mark founded SingleView in 2004 and is the CEO.

Karen Jones


Karen originally trained as a Chartered Accountant with PWC and after this she spent several years with Ernst & Young in corporate finance. Karen moved into the digital world a few years ago prior to becoming CFO at SingleView. She makes sure that everything finance related runs smoothly at SingleView.

James Skelland


James has been the Chief Technology Officer at SingleView since it’s inception, and is responsible for overseeing the technical strategy as the team, platform, and business continue to scale. James has been in the digital marketing industry for 15 years, with vast experience across different projects and brands.

Gareth Powell

Global Head of Customer Success

Gareth has been with SingleView for over two years, having previously worked for some of the largest Telco, Travel and Retail brands across both the UK and International markets. With a wealth of experience in affiliate marketing and a customer centric approach, Gareth and our Customer Success team empower our clients to realise the full potential of attribution to achieve their marketing goals.

The Team
Jonny McGee

Head of Sales

Jonny has a decade of experience working in the affiliate marketing industry, from client side to network and agency. With his wealth of experience he brings a deep understanding of the challenges faced by affiliate and marketing managers, and how SingleView aims to solve these for companies and brands across the world.

Sarah Levy

UK Territory Director

Sarah has experience working with over 150 regional, national and international advertisers across her career in Media Agencies, covering a multitude of industries; include MoneySupermarket, Yorkshire Tea, Iceland, JD Sports, Thomas Cook, Holland & Barrett, Pizza Hut, Ubisoft, and Arcadia to name a few! Her role as the UK Territory Director at SingleView means she is focused on the growth of the company throughout the United Kingdom.

Melanie Skuse

US Territory Director

Mel joined SingleView in 2021 and looks after growth of SingleView within the United States. With over eight years of experience in affiliate marketing, in addition to Client Services, Melanie is in expertly placed to manage the US territory.

Slavina Velinova

APAC & Dach Territory Director

With an impressive career in performance marketing, Slavina heads up the expansion into the APAC and DACH territories for SingleView, empowering marketers to grow their activity efficiently, and at scale, with a deeper level of understanding. Specialising in attribution modelling and strategic planning enables Slavina to provide our clients with valuable and actionable insights.

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“SingleView has been instrumental in navigating through the toughest peak period to date, providing data that has allowed us to make stratgeic decisions regarding budgets and placements through looking at publisher value beyond the last click.”

Ester Rodriguez and Olivia Deith, Ted Baker

Track, measure and reward the actual effect of your partners and digital campaigns

Look beyond last-click measurement and empower your team with actionable insights via an easy-to-use platform. Discover why SingleView is the leading multi-touch attribution solution.

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