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SingleView: Giving you clarity

Data is at the very heart of everything we do, and this is reflected in our team's skillset. From business intelligence analysts to mutli-channel campaign managers, we are expertly positioned to understand the challenges faced by today’s online retailers.

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About SingleView

How did SingleView come to be?

SingleView was created to better understand marketing effectiveness. The standard metric used across digital marketing, last-touch attribution, worked well for single device journeys, but we know customer journeys are infinitely more complex. Because of this, last touch does not provide an accurate understanding of where the true value lies, preventing you from making the most of your marketing spend. SingleView was created to enable better marketing decisions to be made, informed by data. Today, we are proud to say SingleView is a leading multi-touch attribution solution that helps brands better invest their digital marketing spend. Following a successful strategic partnership, in 2021 SingleView was acquired by leading global affiliate marketing platform Awin.

Founded in 2019

to provide an agnostic view of the effectiveness of clients’ media channels

Helping 40+ advertisers

optimise their digital spend and campaign activity

Acquired by Awin

in 2021 to provide attribution reporting solutions to their advertisers

Expanded globally

in 2022 to new territories for continued deeper insights into customer behaviour

Key stats

SingleView in numbers

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1.9bn page lands tracked
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47.5m sales analysed
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31+ currencies tracked
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27 team members

Our values

When you break it down, its all about people


In marketing, trust is everything. When analysing data that impacts decisions, we pride ourselves on the integrity of our data and our work. Being reliable and honest is at the very heart of how we operate. We say what we do, and we do what we say.


We believe that obtaining a deep understanding of our clients' goals, paired with our wider industry knowledge, brings out the best in everyone. Asking the right questions and being inquisitive establishes a better bond and helps us discover new ways to deliver outstanding results.


We are inspired by our customers. We seek to be courageous and brave, to grow and to innovate. We take initiatives, ask tough questions and push boundaries to achieve the most impact-driven outcomes.

Say hello to the team

The Team
James Skelland


James has been the Chief Technology Officer at SingleView since it’s inception, and is responsible for overseeing the technical strategy as the team, platform, and business continue to scale. James has been in the digital marketing industry for 15 years, with vast experience across different projects and brands.

Gareth Powell

Global Head of Customer Success

Gareth has been with SingleView for over two years, having previously worked for some of the largest Telco, Travel and Retail brands across both the UK and International markets. With a wealth of experience in affiliate marketing and a customer centric approach, Gareth and our Customer Success team empower our clients to realise the full potential of attribution to achieve their marketing goals.

Jonny McGee

Head of Sales

Jonny has a decade of experience working in the affiliate marketing industry, from client side to network and agency. With his wealth of experience he brings a deep understanding of the challenges faced by affiliate and marketing managers, and how SingleView aims to solve these for companies and brands across the world.

Sarah Levy

UK Territory Director

Sarah has experience working with over 150 regional, national and international advertisers across her career in Media Agencies, covering a multitude of industries; include MoneySupermarket, Yorkshire Tea, Iceland, JD Sports, Thomas Cook, Holland & Barrett, Pizza Hut, Ubisoft, and Arcadia to name a few! Her role as the UK Territory Director at SingleView means she is focused on the growth of the company throughout the United Kingdom.

Melanie Skuse

US Territory Director

Mel joined SingleView in 2021 and looks after growth of SingleView within the United States. With over eight years of experience in affiliate marketing, in addition to Client Services, Melanie is in expertly placed to manage the US territory.

Slavina Velinova

APAC & Dach Territory Director

With an impressive career in performance marketing, Slavina heads up the expansion into the APAC and DACH territories for SingleView, empowering marketers to grow their activity efficiently, and at scale, with a deeper level of understanding. Specialising in attribution modelling and strategic planning enables Slavina to provide our clients with valuable and actionable insights.

Jonathan Grove

Senior Account Manager

Jonathan is a senior account manager and has worked at SingleView for over 4 years. His previous years of experience in account management means he is well equipped to help and support his client's delivering true value. Jonathan runs insight sessions to help customers understand their data through an attributed lens and delivers actionable insight that drives strategy across all digital channels.

Safwana Mohammed

Account Manager

Safwana has been part of SingleView for nearly 3 years and her role has developed immensely from a graduate role to now responsible for multiple client accounts. Her role is vital in the success of maintaining clients needs & is consistently ensuring they receive actionable insight. She analyses the accounts performance via insight sessions and recommends changes that could be made in order to improve the ROI on investments.

Dale Monie

Commercial Manager

Dale is an integral part of the Commercial team at SingleView. His background in affiliate marketing gives him excellent grounding to advise clients when it comes to attribution, paired with his passion for all aspects of marketing, he is responsible for driving the business forward and ensuring client success.

Graham Murray

Business Development Representative

Graham works as part of the business development team at SingleView and works to onboard new clients into SingleView. He has substantial experience as an affiliate marketing specialist, both within the UK and international markets and has previously worked as an account manager with Awin.

Emma Outerbridge

Demand Generation Manager

Emma is responsible for Demand Generation at SingleView. Her role gives her great insight into every aspect of the business; from product development to lead generation and customer retention. Emma uses data to drive decisions that allow for the continued success and growth at SingleView.

Jen Greene

Operations Assistant

Jen is crucial to the running of SingleView, and works across HR, Finance, Office and Diary Management. She manages the day to day and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Evan Barbour

Head of Engineering

As Head of Engineering at SingleView, Evan is responsible for leading a technology team which encapsulates Front, Back, Data, DevOps and QA engineering disciplines. He takes responsibility for the design, development, testing, implementation and support of the engineering strategy for the SingleView platform. Evan works to ensure continuous platform additions and improvements to empower marketers to make better decisions based on better data.

Orelando Flemming

QA & Testing Executive

Orelando is responsible for making sure the SingleView platform runs as smoothly as possible. He works to capture bugs, prevent defects in production and improve the software development processes. He is the champion of understanding the typical performance level and ensuring its resilience.

William Howard

Integrations Project Manager

William's role is vital in ensuring that the technical side of onboarding a client onto the SingleView platform goes smoothly. He works to ensure that all tracking and attribution is accurately set up and fixes any errors that might occur.

Phil Mellor

Senior Software Engineer

Phil works in the data ingest side of SingleView as part of the technical team. He designs, builds, maintains, monitors and continually improves a suite of software components responsible for consuming and recording vast amounts of event data.

Jacob Walden

Product Owner

As the SingleView product owner, Jacob works to ensure that the needs of our stakeholders and customers are being met. Additionally, he works to ensure that the product is getting the required development it needs whilst managing the engineering team backlog to ensure maximum product value will be created from the work carried out.

George Craggs

Frontend Developer

George is a front end developer at SingleView and he ensures that the client facing aspects of the platform run smoothly.

Dan Heaton

Data Engineer

Dan's role as a data engineer involves the management of databases, data infrastructure, engineering solutions to help SingleView bring out the best in its data. He has history working as both as a data engineer and a platform engineer.

Will Hutchinson

Frontend Developer

Will is a frontend developer at SingleView which means his job is to continually maintain and update the front end of the app. Whether this is extending features or creating new ones, there is always development needed to ensure the SingleView platform is working as well as it can!

Gregg Schofield

Dev Ops Engineer

Gregg works as a DevOps engineer and is responsible for the availability, scalability and security of the SingleView platform. He has a keen interest for automating just about everything

Luke Ford

Junior Product Owner

Luke is the Junior Product Owner for SingleView. He works with the Head of Product, representing the needs of our stakeholders and customers to ensure our product is developed in the right way. I am responsible for defining stories and prioritizing the team backlog to streamline the execution of program priorities while maintaining the conceptual and technical integrity of the features or components for the team

Lewis Mcginty

Account Executive

Lewis is an Account Executive at SingleView and supports with delivering cross-channel marketing insights to SingleView clients.

Phil Bewley

Account Executive

Phil is an Account Executive working in the Customer Success Team, supporting with the delivery of marketing insights to SingleView clients.

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“SingleView has been instrumental in navigating through the toughest peak period to date, providing data that has allowed us to make stratgeic decisions regarding budgets and placements through looking at publisher value beyond the last click.”

Ester Rodriguez and Olivia Deith, Ted Baker

Track, measure and reward the actual effect of your partners and digital campaigns

Look beyond last-click measurement and empower your team with actionable insights via an easy-to-use platform. Discover why SingleView is the leading multi-touch attribution solution.

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